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Wake up world! Be not like better! From The Corner to the Corner Office is an absolute must-read for any parent, adult, young adult or teenager who desires success over failure, life over death, or prosperity over poverty. The book provides readers with a literary GPS to help navigate the concrete jungle we call the streets. If “How can I succeed?" is the question, From The Corner is the answer! One love to my brother Barlow. Good luck and may God's love be with you.                                                                                                                                         ─Azie Faison, former drug kingpin from Harlem who is now focused on mental and spiritual enlightenment. He wrote the cult movie classic Paid in Full and produced a related documentary, The Rich Porter Story: Resurrection

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Finally a simple to read book with a simple to follow plan that helps people rise above the negativity of their institutionally imposed environment...well done Barlow!                     

─Austin Phillips, film writer/director and co-writer of cult movie classic Paid of Full


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