From the Corner to Corner Office was also written for parents and educators to use as a manual to assist teens in avoiding the pitfalls of  life.  Barlow offers an autobiography that narrates his own story and then outlines steps others can take to lead better lives. He discusses his struggles as a child and his experiences as a hustler. He highlights his achievements after turning his life around and illustrates how self-development, hard-work, determination, goal setting, and cultural awareness are the best remedies to counter Racism, Institutional Failure, and Parental Neglect (RIP).
    Purposely designed as a quick read, From the Corner to the Corner Office was written as a study guide for an audience that rarely finds themselves engrossed in a book. Although it's compact, the book is filled with captivating anecdotes, flooded with great advice and bursting with impassioned demands of pushing one’s self beyond the expectations of society and peers. As an added benefit, Barlow presents a blueprint, laying out the basic steps to success that provide the framework through which young people can map out their own paths—From the Corner to the Corner Office. 

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From the Corner to the Corner Office is a semi-autobiographical/motivational book targeting, but not limited to, Black and Latino youth growing up in the “hoods” across America. It was written with the intention of lifting urban youth from the bowels of destruction into a world of opportunity—a formidable task that requires a radical shift in the current methods used to “educate” young men and women. From the Corner attempts to effectuate that change by exploring potential solutions to many of the problems Blacks and Latinos face across the country by providing a new paradigm for education—one that emphasizes an understanding of history, defies racism, and embraces individual strengths.

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