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James A. "Barlow" Barlow was born and raised in Harlem, NY.  He attended the City College of New York where he graduated cum laude in 1996 and currently works as a senior paralegal at the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Barlow’s life journey has taken him from hustling on the street corners of Harlem to the corner offices of some of America’s top corporate attorneys. His range of experience made him a uniquely well-rounded individual—molded by his struggles growing up in Harlem but guided by his intellectual evolution. 

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That transformation led Barlow to his real passion—writing and speaking about issues related to social justice. He recently published a book titled From the Corner to the Corner Office: A Blueprint for Success. It’s a semi-autobiographical/motivational book targeting, though not limited to, Black and Latino youth growing up in the “hoods” across America. Described as an urban bible, Barlow wrote From the Corner with the intention of lifting urban youth from the bowels of destruction into a world of opportunity.
About the Author